Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack


No fuss, no expensive fees, no long waits; just a straightforward, easy to use “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” based specifically on YOUR circumstances so you can get on with what’s important to you – submitting your visa application.

Preparing your Own Visa Application is Difficult

Meet Immigration Rules

You must meet the requirements in Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules.

Precise Documents Required

You must provide various supporting documents and information in order to process a visa application.

Rules Difficult to Navigate

The financial requirements of the rules can be especially difficult to navigate.

Visa Application Difficulty

Documents must contain precise information in a certain format making approval difficult.

How to do your own Partner Visa

Step 1 : Complete our form

You will need to complete our online form at the bottom of this page. This form will take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 2 : Answer questions​

The form asks questions such as how you meet the financial requirement, which partner visa you will be applying for and where you and your partner intend to live once the visa is granted. Please have this information ready to help make filling the form out easier.  

Step 3 : Eligibility

We ask you these questions to determine your eligibility for the visa and also to compile your very own personal “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” based specifically on YOUR circumstances so you can be safe in the knowledge that your application documents are correct.

Step 4 : Immigration Experts​

When you’re applying for something as important as a visa for your partner, we understand how important peace of mind can be. Purchase our “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” today safe in the knowledge that you have been guided by expert, regulated Immigration advisers.

What’s Included

  • Document Checklist
  • Template Letters
  • Expert Advice


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Does the “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” guarantee my visa application will be approved?

The simple answer to this question is: No.
Immigration Advisers cannot “guarantee” your visa application will be approved because the Home Office are the final decision makers.
What this “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” along with our free guides on this website gives you is enough information to be able to process your visa application yourself.
The “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” will provide you with the documents and template letters that you would need but it will be your responsibility to make sure you meet the visa requirements.

If I buy this service, am I allowed to ask you further questions about my application?

The “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” provides you with the documents and letters you would need, based on YOUR specific circumstances, to make a visa application yourself.
Any further requests for legal advice can be met by requesting a video advice consultation with one of our immigration experts.

How long does it take to make my “Do Your Own Partner Visa” pack?

We aim to provide all “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” within 3 working days, although often it is much sooner than this.

Which visas can you make “Do Your Own Partner Visa Packs” for?

  • Spouse visas (including Civil Partnership)
  • Fiancé(e) visas
  • FLR M visas (applications made inside the UK)
  • Unmarried partner visas

How does it work? How do I receive the “Do Your Own Partner Visa” pack?

You will complete the online form with all information relating specifically to you. We will then use this information to compile your “Do Your Own Partner Visa Pack” and this will be sent to you by email. All template letters will be sent as Microsoft Word and Google Doc files so that you can easily edit them.

We have never worked on quantity. We have always worked and are working for quality. That is why, as for now, we have suspended sales of this service due to the overwhelming demand.

Josh Lindsey
Josh Lindsey

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