Ultimate UK Sponsorship Visa Guide: Costs & Job Opportunities for Foreign Applicants

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The United Kingdom, with its diverse culture, robust economy, and numerous job opportunities, is a popular destination for foreign workers. However, to work in the UK, non-EU/EEA nationals require a visa, often sponsored by a UK-based employer. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the UK sponsorship visa, its costs, and job opportunities for foreign applicants. We will delve into the specifics of healthcare and IT jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK, the cost of sponsoring a foreign worker, and how company sponsorship works. We will also explore visa sponsorship jobs in London and answer questions like ‘who can sponsor me in the UK?’ and ‘how to get a sponsorship in the UK?’

Understanding the UK Sponsorship Visa

A UK sponsorship visa allows foreign nationals to work in the UK. The employer, or ‘sponsor,’ must obtain a sponsorship license to hire a foreign worker. The most common type of sponsorship visa is the Tier 2 (General) visa, which is for skilled workers with a job offer in the UK. The employer must prove that they cannot fill the job with a UK or EEA worker, a process known as the ‘Resident Labour Market Test.’

How Does Company Sponsorship Work?

Company sponsorship involves a UK-based company sponsoring a foreign worker to come and work for them. The company must have a sponsorship license and must issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the worker. The CoS is not a physical document but a unique reference number that the worker uses to apply for their visa.

Who Can Sponsor Me in the UK?

Any UK-based company with a valid sponsorship license can sponsor a foreign worker. The company must be able to demonstrate that they have a genuine need for the worker’s skills and that the job meets the appropriate skill level and salary requirements.

How to Get a Sponsorship in the UK?

Getting a sponsorship in the UK involves the following steps:

  • Find a job with a UK-based company that is willing and able to sponsor you.
  • The company applies for a sponsorship license if they do not already have one.
  • The company issues a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).
  • Apply for the visa using the CoS reference number.

Job Opportunities with Visa Sponsorship in the UK

There are numerous job opportunities in the UK for foreign workers, particularly in sectors like healthcare and IT. Healthcare jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK are plentiful due to a shortage of healthcare professionals. Similarly, IT jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship are also abundant due to the booming tech industry.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in London

London, being the capital city and a global business hub, offers a plethora of visa sponsorship jobs. From finance and tech to healthcare and hospitality, foreign workers have a wide range of opportunities in London.

Cost of Sponsoring a Foreign Worker

The cost of sponsoring a foreign worker in the UK includes the cost of the sponsorship license, the Immigration Skills Charge, and the cost of the Certificate of Sponsorship. The cost varies depending on the size of the company and the type of work the foreign worker will be doing.

How Much Does a Sponsorship Visa Cost?

The cost of a sponsorship visa depends on the type of visa and the duration of stay. For a Tier 2 (General) visa, the application fee ranges from £610 to £1,408. There may also be additional costs for healthcare surcharge and biometric enrolment.

How to Get a UK Sponsorship Visa?

To get a UK sponsorship visa, you need to:

  • Have a job offer from a UK-based company that is willing and able to sponsor you.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from the company.
  • Apply for the visa online, using the CoS reference number.
  • Pay the visa application fee and the healthcare surcharge.
  • Provide your biometric information (fingerprints and a photo).


Securing a sponsorship visa is a crucial step for foreign workers wishing to work in the UK. While the process may seem daunting, understanding the requirements and procedures can make it manageable. With numerous job opportunities, particularly in sectors like healthcare and IT, the UK continues to be an attractive destination for skilled foreign workers.

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