Titanic Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Titanic Belfast: A Must-See Attraction in Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Titanic Belfast is one of the most popular attractions in Northern Ireland and a must-see for any visitor to the region. Located in the heart of Belfast, it is a stunning monument to the history of the famous Titanic ship and a great place to explore the city’s rich maritime heritage. This iconic landmark is a great starting point for any Belfast sightseeing tour and provides visitors with an unforgettable experience.

What to Expect at Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast is a world-class visitor attraction that tells the story of the Titanic’s famous maiden voyage and its tragic end. Visitors can explore nine interactive galleries that tell the story of the ship’s construction, its launch, the fateful voyage, and the aftermath. The galleries are filled with artifacts from the ship’s journey, as well as interactive displays and multimedia presentations.

In addition to the galleries, visitors can explore the outdoor area, which includes a replica of the ship’s bow and a stunning glass atrium. The atrium houses a variety of interactive displays, including a life-size replica of the Titanic’s grand staircase. Visitors can also take a self-guided tour of the shipyard where the Titanic was built, and explore the history of the city of Belfast.

Tours and Admission

Titanic Belfast offers a variety of tours and experiences, including a guided tour of the galleries, a self-guided tour of the shipyard, and a range of interactive activities. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the ship’s bow, which includes a visit to the bridge and a chance to view the city from the ship’s viewpoint.

Admission to Titanic Belfast is free, but there are additional fees for some of the tours and activities. Visitors can purchase tickets online or at the ticket office at the entrance.

Tips for Tourists

When visiting Titanic Belfast, it’s important to remember that it’s a popular attraction and can get very crowded. It’s best to plan your visit in advance and purchase tickets online if possible. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen, as the outdoor areas can get very hot in the summer.

Practical Information

Titanic Belfast is located at 1 Olympic Way, Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is open daily from 9:30am to 5:30pm. The nearest car park is located at the Titanic Quarter. There is also a bus stop located just outside the entrance.


Titanic Belfast is a must-see for any visitor to Belfast and Northern Ireland. From the interactive galleries to the outdoor area and replica of the ship’s bow, it’s a great place to explore the history of the Titanic and the city of Belfast. With a variety of tours and activities, it’s a great addition to any Belfast sightseeing tour or Northern Ireland vacation.

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