Arriving in the UK on a Spouse/Fiancé visa

Arriving in the UK on a Spouse/Fiancé visa

Top 10 things you should do straight away

When your partner first arrives in the UK on a settlement visa, it is the responsibility of the UK sponsor to organise and guide their partner with all the practicalities of getting set up for life in the UK.

Arriving in the UK (Immigration control)

Upon arrival in the UK at an international airport you will have to go through Immigration and Customs Control (UK Border Force).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Usually, there are 2 queues – one queue is for EEA and Swiss nationals and the other for everyone else. Make sure you join the correct queue.
  • Here, your passport and visa/entry clearance will be checked. You should carry your passport and visa in your hand luggage.
  • This process can take at least an hour.
  • After this, you can collect your baggage. Check the screens for your flight number and where your flight departed from to know where to collect your baggage from.
  • If any item of baggage has not arrived you will need to speak to an airline representative and fill out a lost baggage form.


Once you have collected all your baggage the next step is to pass through Customs Control.

  • The Green channel is if you have nothing to declare
  • The Red channel is if you have goods to declare
  • The Blue channel is if you have arrived from an airport within the EU

A Customs Officer can check your baggage regardless of which channel you pass through.

You must declare the equivalent of 10,000 Euros or more in any currency to Customs Control if you are travelling to the UK from outside the EU.

If you fail to declare this or provide incorrect information, a large fine can be imposed.

It’s always best to check in your home country, with the British Embassy or High Commission , what you can and cannot bring to the UK with you.

Top 10 things you should do straight away

Collect the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card from the Post Office
Call DWP to apply for a National Insurance number
Add your name to the Tenancy Agreement
Add your name to the Council Tax bill
Register with a local GP and Dentist
Add your name to as many of your utility bills as possible.
Opening a Bank Account & Proof of address
Apply for a provisional driving licence
Apply for joint mobile phone contracts
Update CV and circulate it online.

Top Tip!

Keep your official mail and utility bills, it doesn’t matter whether your mail is in joint names or single names, as you will need official letters and bills for the next stage of the visa process FLR(M). This is to show that you’ve been living together since your spouse arrived up until their next application.

If you were already married before you arrived in the UK, you will apply for the next visa after 30 months of being in the UK OR 28 days before your BRP card expires.

If you arrived on a fiancé visa, you will have 6 months in which to marry and extend the visa to FLR(M).  

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